E-Surface, Metallic and True B&W Prints (Price does not include any mounting options.)

Multiple Mounting options as well as Lustre Coating, Texture, Pebble or Fine-linen Texture, Florentine, Linen or Palette Texture, Brush Texture or Lamination (Gloss or Matte) are all available on our prints for an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

Placing your print order with us:

Simply let us know the size and quantity of each image you would like. When placing your order we need the image ID number. If you are looking on our website (Image to the lower left) the image information will be located below the image. If you are looking on your digital download link (image to the lower right) the image information will also be located below the image.  We simply need the image number  (in the examples here it would be “1”). If you are looking on your USB or DVD, the image file information will be shown in the gallery below each image. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems and we will be happy to help you.


All of Abigayle Ray Photography Print Products are ordered from an external Professional Photo Lab that has been chosen by the Studio to perform this work.  Listed below are the approximate time to receive your print products that you order through us.

• Prints take approximately 1 to 2 weeks to receive from time of order placement depending on size and quantity ordered.

• Photo Albums and Photo Books depends on the complexity of the package and design desired, and can range from 1 to 3 months from the time the order is placed.  Most Senior/Student Albums & Books usually take 2 weeks to one month.

• Gallery Wraps & Print Wraps take approximately 2 weeks to 3 weeks depending on size and quantity ordered.

• Invitations/Announcements/Cards depends on the complexity of the package and design, and can range from 2 weeks to 1 month from the time the order is placed.

Please Note: Time of year such as the holiday season (Thanksgiving through Christmas) will take longer for all products listed above due to increased demand and you can nearly double the time frame listed above.  If you plan on ordering products for holiday gifts we highly recommend placing you order no later than Thanksgiving to assure you will receive your order in time.  Please plan accordingly as there is no way we can rush an order.

We do require a minimum print order of $50.00 to place an order with our vendor. Also our pricing does not include shipping. Once you let us know what you wish to order we will get you a shipping price from our vendor as it varies by product and quantity ordered. Rest assured that you will only pay actual shipping prices as we never markup shipping to make a profit.

Your print products from our professional lab are guaranteed for up to 100 years under normal use, handling and display. If for any reason you have a problem with a print you purchased through us we will contact the vendor and have it replaced at no cost to you.

Our vendor is ICC certified and uses visible light laser printers as well superior papers. They constantly calibrate their printers to assure uniformity in their product which basically means what you order today should look the same if you order it again 5 years from now.  Our vendor also has employees monitoring each image that goes through in order to verify they are correct and spot any issues immediately, and best of all, they stand behind their product as they know that they stand the test of time under normal usage.

The do it yourself photo printing locations use a cheaper, lower quality print paper and print using white light printing which does not give you as sharp an image, contrast or uniformity of color and will normally begin to fade after only three to five years and they will not replace them if there are issues as they do not stand behind their product with any guarantee, you would have to purchase them yet again.  Their printers are not calibrated as frequently (sometimes monthly at best) nor do they have an employee watching every image that comes through to spot problems.

Paper Styles

E-Surface Paper

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper (Traditional E-Surface Paper) is the most popular paper used by professional photographers.

Product Highlights:

• Boasts accurate color, realistic saturation, excellent neutral flesh reproduction, and great intensity and offers brighter blues, cyans, purples, and reds.
• Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

Metallic Paper

Metallic Paper features a unique pearlescent surface with ultra-bright backgrounds.

Product Highlights:

• Uses a patented combination of film and laminate layers resulting in striking three-dimensional images. It offers natural- looking flesh tones, sharp details, and beautifully-saturated colors.
• Resistant to tearing and curling without any additional lamination.
• Standard Archival Value of 100 years in home display; 200 years in dark storage.

True Black and White Paper

True B&W paper is designed to make black, continuous-tone prints, while avoiding color tints.

Product Highlights:

• Panchromatic, resin-coated paper provides excellent tone reproduction.
• Uses a silver-based emulsion rather than dye-based.
• Specially coated on the back, it accepts ink for crop lines or writing notes.
• Display and 100-year archival quality.

Print Enhancements, Textures and Coatings

Lustre Coating

• An eco friendly, non-flammable, roller-applied coating.
• Provides superior protection against fingerprints and UV exposure, while also visibly enhancing the look of your print.

Pebble Texture

• A roller-applied embossed texture.
• Medium texture provides a distinct appearance for your finished print.
• A great way to deter scanning for unauthorized reproduction.

Fine-linen Texture

• A roller-applied embossed texture.
• Fine texture adds a slight alteration to the print’s surface.
• A great way to deter scanning for unauthorized reproduction.

Florentine Texture

• A plate-applied embossed texture – the plate is pressed directly onto the print.



Linen Texture

• A plate-applied embossed texture – the plate is pressed directly onto the print.




Palette Texture

• A plate-applied embossed texture – the plate is pressed directly onto the print.




Brush Texture

• A water-based brush texture.
• Resembles an oil painting with visible brush strokes.
• Cannot be final coated and is not compatible with lamination or any embossed texture other than linen.
• We suggest mounting prints with brush texture.


• Thermal film applied to the print surface in either a high gloss or matte finish.
• Recommended for large prints that will be handled and/or transported frequently.
• If wallets are laminated, they cannot be die-cut.

Matte Lamination

Personalized Logo

Personalized  Logo

Add your name to prints while placing your order. You can enter up to three lines of text. Select the font, color, and placement of the personalized logo when ordering.


Mounting Options

Single Weight Mat-board

• Single weight mat-board is one of our most commonly requested mounting services.

• Both cost effective and durable, giving stability to your print.

• Depth is 50pt.

Double Weight Mat-board

• Just like single weight mat-board, our double weight is a popular choice for mounting because of its affordability and durability.

• Depth is 1/8".


3/4" Foam Board

• Rigid lightweight mounting boards with a smooth surface and foam core. 

• Available in black and white.

• Depth is 3/4".

3/16" Foam Board

• Rigid lightweight mounting boards with a smooth surface and foam core.

• Available in black only.

• Depth is 3/16".

1/8" Masonite

• Masonite is our heaviest mounting option – perfect for prints that require extra support.

• This smooth mounting option is high density and dent-resistant.

• Depth is 1/8".


• Super smooth all plastic mounting substrate in black only.

• As an all plastic board, it is not affected by humidity or moisture.

• Depth is approximately 2mm.

Canvas Services

Bond photographic prints to 7 oz. or 10 oz. canvas material. The canvas is pressed into the print, giving it a beautiful, even texture. 10 oz. canvas provides a deep weave, while 7 oz. canvas gives a tight weave. Canvas can be mounted using one of the substrates below, or ordered as canvas only (delivered with 2 inches of excess canvas).

Canvas on Mat-board

Give stability to your canvas print by applying double weight mat-board.

• Cost effective and durable.

• Depth is 1/8".

Canvas on Masonite

• Smooth mounting option is high density and dent-resistant.

• Depth is 1/8".


Canvas Stretcher Frame

• Delivered ready for traditional custom framing.

• Depth is ¾".