Digital Download of Your Session:

What is a digital download?  Abigayle Ray Photography uploads all photographs from your Session to our secure photo hosting website ( in a password protected gallery, so only you have the password or those that you give it to. You can then view all the photographs from your Session and also save them to your computer, external hard drive, memory card, flash drive or cell phone (by right click saving for a low resolution image suitable for email and internet or clicking the download icon on the image for full resolution of the image). The photographs are in the same resolution, quality and size as you would get on a DVD or USB Drive, so as soon as we are done editing your Session, we upload them and they are immediately available for you to view, share and download.

Digital Download Instructions:

Option 1 - High Resolution Download - Suitable for prints and print products:

In your gallery simply click on an image that you like and wish to save. Look at the lower right hand corner and there are three icons there, the download icon is the middle one (the icon with a downward facing arrow), simply click that and the full resolution and size image will be downloaded to your computer or other media device (please see photo below). These images will be in the full resolution and size and are suitable for printing.

Digital Download Instructions: Option 2 - Low Resolution - Suitable for sharing, email, social media or personal website/blog use only:

Simply right click save the image that you wish to save to your computer or other electronic device. Be advised right click saving does not save the image in the full original size. It will compress the image to a size that is suitable for email, social media and internet usage. It can be printed but will not of the same quality as downloading the full resolution image. Also, on our professional print ordering site it will not allow a sub-par image to be purchased.

To Download/Save Photographs to Smartphones & Tablets:

This information applies to most phones/tablets. If you experience issues please contact us for assistance and we will do our best to help you. To download full size/resolution image simply go to your gallery and at the lower left corner of each image is the download icon, simply press that to save (average image size is 7-10MB). To save a medium resolution image click the image to open it, long-press hold the image and select save from the pop up menu (average image size is 1.5-3MB). You can save a low resolution image by long-press hold the image from the gallery of all images (not clicking to open it separately) and select save from the pop up menu (average image size is 150-300KB).

**Important Information**:  We do NOT recommend taking a "screenshot" and or saving photos from social media such as facebook to any computer, tablet or smartphone.  The image quality will be of very poor quality and pixelated. Facebook also compresses images on upload which takes away a lot of quality from the photo in itself.  Doing this will give you an image that is not representative of us or our work.

Low Resolution Downloads - Suitable for emailing, facebook or other social media, sharing with family and friends in a website/blog, etc.:

The images in your proofing gallery on this website are able to be saved to your computer as well as smartphones and tablets, but please be aware that they are low resolution images saved as a JPEG (.jpg) with a resolution of 96 pixels per inch and are NOT recommended nor intended for printing purposes due to the lower quality, size and possible pixelation of the image due to its reduced size.  These images are only suitable for sharing with family and friends by email, social media or in a personal blog/website.  We only recommend using your USB/DVD or digital download for printing or ordering print products of your images.

**Important Information**:  We do NOT recommend taking a "screenshot" and or saving photos from social media sites such as facebook to any computer, tablet or smartphone.  The image quality will be very poor due to compression and the image may look pixelated. Most all social media companies including Facebook also compress images on upload which takes away a lot of quality from the photo in itself.  Doing this will give you an image that is not representative of us or our work.  If you have any issues please contact us and we will do our best to assist. 


How to Purchase Prints, Albums, Gallery Wraps and more of your session:

Professional Prints:  You've just invested in a professional photographer to take amazing photos of you and your family.  Make sure that those incredible photos you've seen in the online photo gallery are just as incredible when you bring them home.

To Purchase Prints:  Please go to for print pricing and size information then contact us by phone, email or schedule an in person meeting if you are a local client to place your print order with us.  Our Lab does require a minimum order of $50.00

To place your order:  Simply tell us what products that you would like to order from your session, size, and quantity wanted.

We currently offer: Prints, Photo Albums, Photo Books, Gallery Wraps, Print Wraps and Invitations/Announcements/Cards

When looking online in your gallery there is a number below each image, or on your USB drive it will be the filename of the image.  We just need the image number that is shown (the example below shows in detail the location and what is needed). We will then place the order for you with our vendor.

Our Lab guarantees your photographs for 100 years under normal usage, handling and display so rest assured that you are receiving the best prints from your session and that they will last to be seen by generations to come!

We also have numerous mounting options and photo enhancements available for your prints:
Mounting Options: Frames (multiple colors available), Single and Double weight Matboards, Styrene, Masonite and Foam Board.  We highly recommend mounting any prints 16x20 and larger

Surface Modifications Lustre, Pebble Texture, Finelinen Texture, Florentine Texture, Linen Texture, Palette Texture, Matte Lamination, High Gloss Lamination and Brush Texture.  Please inquire for more details and pricing as this is only a small list of extras that can be purchased.

General Print Information:

When you place your print order with Abigayle Ray Photography you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality prints as all of our prints and products we offer come from a professional photo lab which uses the highest quality paper and inks.  

All Prints ordered with us are guaranteed up to 100 years from our vendor under normal use, handling and display.

Our Lab color calibrates their machines with each order, so if you order prints in the future they will look the same as the ones you get now so that your memories will always look the same and last a lifetime.  

Our Lab also offers a multitude of sizes from normal sizes to panoramic and unusual sizes (such as an 5x15 or 15x40 prints) on paper as well as on canvas, thin wraps and metallic prints.  Whether you want traditional sizes, square prints, odd sizes or panoramic, if you can imagine it, you most likely can order it!  

The quality from a professional print lab is far superior to getting your prints done at Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, Costco or any other “quick” self-serve photo labs as they are set up for mass production and only offer a select few "common" sizes, also their machines are not color calibrated on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis so each time you print they will most likely look different than the first.  Their papers are not of professional quality or thickness either, and most importantly there is little if any guarantee or warranty offered.

You can view a few samples of the different print qualities next to this (simply click on an image to view it full size) and see the difference for yourself.