Digital Download Instructions:

What is a digital download? A digital download is an edited image that you download from your gallery to your device. Abigayle Ray Photography LLC uploads all edited photographs from your session to our proofing gallery and digital download/online ordering site at: all of your images are in a secure password protected gallery, so only you and those that you share it with will have the link and password.

You can then view all the edited photographs from your session in the online proofing gallery, this is where you will select the images included in your package for digital downloading. After you have downloaded your edited images you will then be able to save them to your computer, external hard drive, memory card, flash drive or cell phone/tablet. Your photographs are in the same resolution, quality and size as you would get on a USB Drive (if your session comes with one, or if you purchase one separately).

You may notice in the proofing gallery that your photographs have a watermark on them, there is no need to worry as any digital image, prints or other print product you purchase will not have the watermark on them. After you complete your purchase the watermark on any item purchased (this includes the edited images that are part of your package) are removed automatically by our system.

You are also able to purchase additional edited images from your gallery if you would like more than what is included with your session. Single images are $20.00 each or 10 images for $175.00 and can be purchased as many times as you would like (so if you want to buy 20 additional images you simply buy one 10 pack and after selecting your 10 edited images and then you can purchase another package from the shopping cart as well).

**Important Information**: Do Not take screenshots of the images in the online gallery. These images are watermarked and are not for use until after you have made your selections and the watermark is removed. We also strongly advise against saving photos from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to any device. These are compressed images, meaning they "shrink" reducing the size of the edited image from its original size and resolution leaving you with an image that may look blurry and distorted. When printing images and sharing your images please only use the high resolution images that you have digitally downloaded.

If you have any questions please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

To select your images for downloading:

In your gallery simply click on an image to enlarge it for better viewing, then you click on the "Cart" icon as shown in the image here, which will then open the ordering screen.

From there you will select an option - for digital downloads there are 3 options. The first will be for your included images from your package. You will click on a box that is empty and it will open all of your images and you will select one at a time until your grid is filled. Once you have all your images selected click "Done" and it will be added to your cart. *You will receive a one time use coupon code to enter at checkout that will provide the edited images for your package at no cost to you. Please remember that this code can only be used once*  All other images you want besides the included package amount can be purchased separately afterwards.

If you wish to order further images, click on the "Cart" icon again and select either single or 10 additional digital images and repeat the steps above until you have completed your order.

Also, this is the same area that you would order prints or other print products such as gallery wraps or metal prints, again you simply click the "Cart" icon and scroll down to select the prints or other products you wish to order.

To favorite images:

You can favorite images so that you can come back to them at a later time without having to re look for them or to share them with family & friends. To do this, simply click the "Heart" icon as shown in the image here.

How to Purchase Prints, Albums, Gallery Wraps and more of your session:

Professional Prints: You've just invested in a professional photographer to take amazing photos of you and your family. Make sure that those incredible photos you've seen in the online photo gallery are just as incredible when you bring them home.

To Purchase Prints: Please go to for print pricing and size information then contact us by phone, email or schedule an in person meeting if you are a local client to place your print order with us. Please note that all prints, mounted prints, gallery wraps and metal prints can now be ordered directly from your online gallery and the pricing for those products can be found there. Our professional print lab does require a minimum order of $50.00.

We currently offer: Prints, Mounted Prints, Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, Photo Albums, Photo Books, Wedding Albums and Invitations/Announcements/Cards.

To place your order: All Prints, Mounted Prints, Gallery Wraps and Metal Prints can be ordered directly from your online gallery at  for all other products please follow these steps:

For our Photo Albums, Photo Books, Wedding Albums and Invitations/Announcements/Cards please contact us and we will be happy to go over what you would like to order and get it placed for you! When placing a order by contacting us we will need a little extra information, If you are looking online in your gallery there is a number below each image, or on your USB drive it will be the filename of the image. We just need the image number that is shown (the example below shows in detail the location and what is needed). We will then place the order for you with our vendor.

Have confidence in your print purchase!  We use the same professional print lab for both orders placed by you from your gallery and those submitted manually by us. Our Lab guarantees your photographs for 100 years under normal usage, handling and display so rest assured that you are receiving the best prints from your session and that they will last to be seen by generations to come!

General Print Information:

When you place your print order with Abigayle Ray Photography you can rest assured that you will receive the highest quality prints as all of our prints and products we offer come from a professional photo lab which uses the highest quality paper and inks.  

All Prints ordered with us are guaranteed up to 100 years from our vendor under normal use, handling and display.

Our Lab color calibrates their machines with each order, so if you order prints in the future they will look the same as the ones you get now so that your memories will always look the same and last a lifetime.  

Our Lab also offers a multitude of sizes from normal sizes to panoramic and unusual sizes (such as an 5x15 or 15x40 prints) on paper as well as on canvas, thin wraps and metallic prints.  Whether you want traditional sizes, square prints, odd sizes or panoramic, if you can imagine it, you most likely can order it!  

The quality from a professional print lab is far superior to getting your prints done at Walmart, Walgreen's, CVS, Costco or any other “quick” self-serve photo labs as they are set up for mass production and only offer a select few "common" sizes, also their machines are not color calibrated on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis so each time you print they will most likely look different than the first.  Their papers are not of professional quality or thickness either, and most importantly there is little if any guarantee or warranty offered.

You can view a few samples of the different print qualities next to this (simply click on an image to view it full size) and see the difference for yourself.

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