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Printing Options & Merchandise

You've just invested in a professional photographer to take amazing photos of you and your family. Make sure that those incredible photos you've seen in the online photo gallery are just as incredible when you bring them home.

You will be able to place your order directly from your proofing/online gallery.  Payment by debit/credit and now also PayPal is accepted and products that are ordered will be shipped directly to the address of your choosing.

Once we've uploaded all of your photos to your password-protected, personal online proofing account, we will send you your link and password for full access. Your proofing account can easily be shared with friends and family so they can purchase prints as well at their convenience.

We offer professional prints at an affordable cost, all in one spot!

Our Professional Lab offers a wide range of printing options including:

· Basic Prints (Lustre, Glossy or Metalic Finishes)
· Canvass
· Metal Prints
· Custom Framing
· Gallery Blocks
· Collagewall Displays
· Giclée Fine Art Prints
· Albums
· Graduation/Senior Invites
· Cards and Holiday Products
· Coffee Mugs
· T-Shirts
· And much much more!

As you can see, it really is a one stop shop for all you photographic needs!

Our lab provides a website where you can learn more about each product offered as well as view examples of them.

Click here to go to that page.

Print Ordering

To order Prints of your Session simply pick a photograph from your gallery and click it to open it in your window.  Once open look at the bottom right of the image and there is an icon for "Add to Cart", from there you can chose to order the image you are viewing ("This Photo"), or chose multiple photographs to print ("Photos from this Gallery").  You can also chose to purchase a photo package ("Buy Photo Package"), this is where we have put affordable packages together of varying sized prints that most Clients order.  You also have the option to Create a Card of your image and also purchase other items ("Other  Products") such as coffee mugs, T-Shirts, Key Chains, Mouse Pads and much more!

Once in your Cart you can then chose the size, quantity and type of Photograph (Lustre, Glossy,  Metallic, Etc).  From there you can also chose Canvas, Wraps and Metal Prints as well as select Merchandise.  See Images below to assist in the ordering process.

**Please Note**  Your pictures in your online gallery contain our Watermark.  This is to protect our copyright and work from unauthorized usage.  If you are ordering Professional Prints from us or receiving a DVD of your session rest assured that the watermark will be removed and not be on your prints or DVD, it is only visible online.  Please see our Terms & Conditions Page for further details about copyrights, watermarks and usage.

**Please be advised**  Client's who choose a session where they are to order Professional Prints must do so within thirty days after notification to Client that the Session is finished and posted to our website.  If after the thirty day period you have not ordered your minimum requirement of Prints or extended the online period, your gallery will be locked and in order to obtain prints you will have to pay the $25.00 fee to re-open it.

Print Information

Professional Prints:   Professional color corrected prints. Archival to 100 years. Our prints are guaranteed to last 100 years under normal use and care. We will replace any print that fails to last (due to quality).

Quality Printing:  Our printing is on traditional photo paper with the finest of care and experienced printers overseeing your order from the time it arrives until it ships.  We use only the highest quality paper on state of the art printers. Our technicians have years of printing experience and color matching that is unsurpassed in the industry.

Mounting:  Choose from several mounting options to enhance your prints with fine quality mounting.Glossy Prints look good in the absence of glare. But when the angle changes, glare is more evident on glossy prints.

Lustre Prints offer the best of both worlds: the color saturation of glossy, the fingerprint resistance of matte and without the glare associated with glossy. Lustre prints have a satin-like sheen and a modestly textured surface which you can see when the light angle is just right. They are printed on Kodak Supra Endura paper, which is heavier than matte.

Metallic Prints have a glossy finish and unique metallic appearance, these prints have extra visual interest and depth. They are printed on long-lasting Kodak Professional Endura Metallic paper. This paper uses a proprietary combination of film laminate layers that produce striking, three-dimensional, lasting images on an ultra-bright background.

• We can customize your order with a variety of finishes and coatings. UV coatings, Metallic paper, True Black and White paper, Linen and Watercolor finishes are just a few paper finishes we can help you with.

• We can create custom albums for you of your session. Soft or hard cover coffee table books, Flush mount heirloom wedding albums are available to meet all of your expectations. Your albums are true works of art, not a cookie cutter template that is available at the popular dot com photo developer.

• Most importantly, by ordering your prints through Abigayle Ray Photography you get a professional photographer’s eye. Want to create a collage for Grandma? We can do that! Wonder which photo from your session would look good as a canvas wrap for your stairway? We can help you choose!  Every photo we take is special to us, so we want you to have the best possible display for your home.  We will happily meet with you to plan your entire print order–either by phone or in person.

Our lab provides a website where you can learn more about each product offered as well as view examples of them.

Click here to go to that page.

All of Abigayle Ray Photography's Prints are ordered from an external Professional Photo Lab that has been chosen by the Studio to perform this work.

As these prints come from an external vendor we are limited in the process, production and control of the Product once the order is placed with them. Generally it takes around two (2) weeks or less (depending on what is ordered) to receive the finished product back, but there are times of high demand such as holidays, or special orders that will delay this process.

Upon delivery to the Client, the Client will review the Print's and notify the Studio as soon as possible if there are any problems with the prints so that the Studio can notify the Print Vendor and get the problem corrected as soon as possible.

Why should you order Professional Prints?

For every day pictures, printing photos at a discount store is perfectly fine, but there is a reason why these photos are significantly cheaper.  The photo printing process is a time-consuming and specialized skill that starts when the photo is edited and is finished when the photo is proofed by multiple sets of eyes, including the photographer.  Some reasons for the variation in price (and quality) between your local discount photo centers versus the professional photo lab where my prints are sent are listed below:

• Paper Quality – Discount photo centers use low quality printing paper.  Professional photo labs use high-quality photographic archival paper with UV coating.  Have you ever wondered why your old photos from 5-10 years ago look dull and faded while professional school or wedding portraits have retained their color?  This is most likely because your home photos were printed on low-quality paper and your professional portraits were printed on high-quality photographic archival paper.  Treat your photos as keepsakes and make sure they are printed on archival paper that will last a lifetime.

• Printing Equipment – Most local photo centers use out-dated (older) printing equipment that typically results in lower quality photos. Professional photo labs frequently use the latest, most updated printing equipment to ensure accuracy and quality.

• Calibration – You may have received photos from your discount photo center that haven't looked quite right, or where the color seemed slightly too green, too blue, or too red. Why does this happen?  Because discount printers process a high-volume of photos, they set up -- or calibrate -- their printers at one setting -- the one they *think* will apply to the majority of the photos that are processed.    In contrast, our computer's screen has been calibrated to the printer's specifications and we work closely with the lab to ensure that the photos match our artistic vision.  Not only do we make sure the prints match what we see on the screen, but a professional printer quality checks the digital file against the print to ensure everything looks the way its supposed to look.  With a high-volume discount print shop, you often lose this attention to detail, and as a result your prints may or may not print the way you expected.

• Re-sizing and cropping – When we send a photo to print, we make sure the photo is cropped and re-sized exactly to our specifications based on the size of the print without any loss in resolution. In other words, the crop ratio for an 8x10 print is different than a 4x6. We make sure everything fits and looks good -- no chopped off heads or feet or disproportionately stretched faces here!  On the other hand, discount photo centers usually stretch the photos to the size you order to fill the space.  The result is that the image quality for a larger print can be lower, and things like hands and heads can receive an unwelcome crop!

• Time and attention to detail – Discount photo centers are quick and cheap, but they are usually staffed with people who have not been trained in the photographic or printing processes.  They tend to not use the time, software, or hardware required to give each photo the attention they truly deserve. We have built a relationship with our vendors over the years so that we are able to ensure that our prints look the way we intended.

• Guarantee – We treat your prints as precious memories and want you to have keepsakes that you love now, and that your grandchildren will love later.  Not only do we take the time to hand-edit each and every digital photo, but we also make sure that every single print is up to our standards.  If for any reason you are not satisfied with your prints, we are happy to work with you to ensure that you are happy with your order.


Q: Do your packages include prints?

A:  No, the prices listed on the “Price List” page are the cost for the shoot only. Prints are purchased separately through an online gallery from one of the nations top professional print labs. We think you’ll find our prices to be EXTREMELY low compared to most other photographers.

Q: Why cant I get my photo’s printed somewhere like Walmart, Target, Walgreens or Rite Aide?

A: While you can get them printed there,  these places are not professional print labs and they should never print professionally taken photos. They are fine for the prints you make with your family “point and shoot” but after a photographer spends hours making fine tuned adjustments to your photos so that they look the best they can, places like Walmart have a tendency to take all that hard work and throw it right out the window by making a lousy print. (We know this from experience, we have seen our black and whites full of contrast and pop become flat and muddy and we have seen our color photos rich with color and saturation end up with a gross orange wash over the entire photo!) Yes these places are cheaper, but, as I’m sure your parents have told you - you get what you pay for! So by avoiding these places we avoid 2 things, you being disappointed with your final product and our work not being misrepresented with prints made by a sub-par print lab. The lab that you order your prints from is one of the nations best print labs. We trust these people, we have seen their work, and we have seen the rigorous testing they were put through when compared to other professional print labs.

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