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A little about Abigayle Ray Photography:

Abigayle Ray Photography is known for our fresh and fun approach to professional photography. Drawing on years of experience, creativity and technical expertise, we provide our clients with images of superior quality, personalized to suit any taste, style, and budget. We are dedicated to excellence in photography and unparalleled customer service.

Abigayle Ray Photography is family run photography business located in Englewood, FL. We enjoy seeing the beauty in life through a camera lens and bringing our vision to print.

Abigayle Ray Photography is a husband/wife team capturing those special moments in time to be treasured for a lifetime.

Now to introduce ourselves:

Michael (Eric) is the Photographer and was born in Sarasota FL. and has always loved taking pictures, early on, taking pictures of his pets, family and the scenery around him and as an adult capturing stunning sunsets, cloudbursts, family moments and the beauty of nature.  Michael is finally following his other dream, his first was being a Firefighter/EMT.  Michael is now branching out and sharing his gift of photography with others.  As a Father he knows what it takes to make your child giggle, laugh and find that perfect picture that when looked at brings you back to that moment in time. 

Melody is the Creative Director.  She was born in Pennsylvania and has also always loved taking pictures of the world that surrounded her, her family, pets, horses, friends and whatever else she could capture.  Melody does the posing, finding the perfect fuzzy blanket for your newborn to compliment the outfit of choice, your child's skin tone, eye color etc.  Being a mom and a woman capturing the nurturing look of a expectant mother gazing at her growing belly with a flower in her hair, finding that perfect picture to capture that moment for years to come.

"Every shoot is a unique challenge, with unique possibilities".

With Abigayle Ray Photography rest assured you will receive simply beautiful photos!  If your not happy, we are not happy!  You the customer is who we aim to please!  

Please contact Abigayle Ray Photography for your next Session!

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