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Michael & Melody
Abigayle Ray Photography

"Photographs are not expensive; they are priceless".  Abigayle Ray Photography is the premier Wedding Photography and Portrait Photographer in the Englewood Florida area of Southwest Florida.  Our style of photography is deeply rooted in photojournalism while also influenced by documentary and candid photography.  The result is creative, clean and crisp photography that’s romantic, fun, and emotional.  We specialize in capturing the details that truly reveal who you are.  We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather artists creating unique and expressive imagery.

In every person, every moment, there’s a story waiting to be told. We have a passion for working with people to ensure that every part of those moments, no matter how subtle or unnoticed, are brought out through our photography.

Family portraits can be so much more than a stuffy shot in front of a backdrop inside a studio.  They’re a wonderful opportunity to capture your family’s uniqueness, and to celebrate life’s milestones.  We will shoot at your home, at a park, or even the beautiful beaches around us here in Southwest Florida. We’ll work with you to create a variety of posed and candid images that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Our print product collections feature archival-quality, custom designed fine art products to display in your home using only the finest papers and materials.  We look forward to getting to know you and creating an exciting experience that you will always remember.  You can view our recent Wedding Portraits, Family Photography, Senior Portraits, Maternity Portraits and more by exploring our portfolio on our website.

Our Weddings Packages start at $300.00 per hour with a two hour minimum.

Beach Weddings are $450.00 for one and a half hours.

Family Portraits, Senior & Student Portraits and Maternity Portrait Sessions start at $225.00.

Boudoir Portraits start at $300.00

Abigayle Ray Photography is Englewood's premier Wedding & Engagement, Family & Portrait, Senior & Student, Maternity and Boudoir photographers. We specialize in creating beautiful custom fine art products to display in your home featuring your Wedding, Family, Senior, Maternity and Boudoir Portraits.


Based in Englewood, FL, We serve the Southwest Florida areas of: Venice, Englewood, Manasota Key, Sarasota, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Boca Grande and many more areas of Southwest Florida's beautiful Gulf coast.


Contact us to set up your next session with Abigayle Ray Photography!

(941) 270-4450


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